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Friends & Associate Web Links

  • Berdley 'hot rod' Choong - indulge in the invigorating experience
  • Beki's Paradise
  • Perfect 10, 98.7FM website - For music, news, gossip and more.
  • Frontal - News on our local dance music scene.
  • Comforting Words - One of my doc's websites,and his personal website
  • Chris Irvine - aka Chris Jericho aka Y2J's website. Wrestler cum rock star. Cool fella! I respect this man for being firm on his stand all the time.
  • Scott Steiner - aka Big Poppa Pump, who has REAL biceps. He is my heeeeero!!!
  • Bruce Lye - co developer of this site. He is a professional web developer. If you ever need help in web pages you can contact him, he is a Sillypore certified developer.
  • Crazy Sexy Cool - My dear sista's new blog. Check it out!