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PS : These prove that nothing lasts forever. Cherish what you have presently and never live a day in regret. All the best in what you do..cheers..

- mark -

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To : Someone from the past..we went through 2 years 2 months 3 days and 3 hours (i'm not kidding) of our lives together, through happiness and joy, through sadness and sorrow, through tears and blood, but it wasn't enough. We built dreams based on the love we had for each other, but it wasn't enough. We tried, we tried so hard to get back together, but it wasn't enough. Hence I cut the rope, a rope that is now seperated, isolated and distant. I have to move on, and so do you. Maybe someday things will change, maybe not. Whatever it may be, whether you like it or not, you'll always hold a special place in my heart, a place no one else can fill. Can I love someone else again? I'll see..and I'll try. There is no other way...there is no better time..to say good-bye. But in my heart..we'll be forever as one...

- bingbing -

To : Whiskey. My mongrel who came into my life when I was in kindergarden. You can see her somewhere in the photo gallery. To not have been able to bid her the final goodbye, is one of my greatest regrets..We miss you Whiskey..

To : Rabbit. A hamster I call my own. She bore 2 litters of hamsters, and was one of the most gentle hamster I’ve ever seen. She died a day before Deepavali this year (2002), and lays buried in our garden. As reporter Sumiko Tan once wrote, “Do all dogs go to heaven?” Like her, I hope they do along with all the other animals as well.

To : Diesel. A rottweiler I adopted from SPCA back when I was in Sec 3. It was all based on chemistry that I chose to adopt her and it has never been a wrong decision. She never gave us any problems and always knew what was expected of her. She does her 'job' diligently, differentiating friend from foe. We did all we could to ensure she will never go back to the kind of life she used to have, both in SPCA (a two time resident) and at her former adopted homes. Her original name's lydia though given her black coat and built, I decided to name her diesel, as in diesel fuel, inspired by Kevin Nash who goes by the name Diesel in pro wrestling. She proved to be very gentle for her breed, and what seemed like 'princessy' character very unusual of her breed. A very loving dog she is, as anyone who isn't a resident in the house knows how intimidating she can be with unfamiliar faces. She started developing multiple tumours and arthritis since a few years ago and after careful discussion with her vet, I decided not to remove the tumours surgically for it will probably improve her quality of life much. She died on the 29th of July 2005 at the age of approximately 12-13 years of possibly a ruptured stomach cavity (by my own diagnosis). She has guarded the compound well and after the cremation, we will be taking her ashes back. I haven't decided where to scatter the ashes yet. I would probably prefer a neutral place where we can visit as we wish to, instead of scattering it at home as we may not be living here forever. I have been taking her for granted of late and suddenly she is no longer around. My only consolation is that now that she is in doggie heaven, she is alleviated from all the pain in this world and she has probably gone to be with the other doggies and her parents. I would have bred her if I could but realised that we may not be able to cope with all the puppies. I would have loved to have her children survive her and that she will always leave a part of her around. She still does, in our hearts. Especially mine, even though I don't show it. A dog never forgets its master wherever it is, as shown by a german shepard named asko we once had but had to give it away to someone who could care for it better. There was once when we went to visit him and he stood at a distance quietly looking at us while my parents were chatting with their friend. Asko came running to us some 5 minutes later, apparently remembering who we were and came readily to let us know just that. Such is the nature of dogs. Few would comprehend what goes on in a dog's mind but that doesn't bother the dog. All it wants is love from its master, and it will serve the master with loyalty. I'll miss you diesel. I hope I won't cry when I see you for one last time before I take you home. Thank you for everything you have done for us. I won't be getting another pet for a while. To all the pets I've loved before, I hope you are safe and happy wherever you are.

I wish I could turn back time
I wish I'd never have to see that look in your eyes
You really broke this heart of mine
Now it's time to realise it's forever goodbye

So here I am
All alone
Don't understand where did we go wrong
I can't stop crying
Can't take the pain
Knowing you won't ever be back again

And it cuts like a knife
I'm going insane
Wishing you would show me love
Once again
I'm losing my mind
But I have to carry on
We were meant to be together
Forever as one

- Vengaboys "Forever as one" –

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