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03/24/06 : Updated 'Me Myself and I". Ask me questions and I'll put them up there. I'm trying to do a total revamp of the page but never had the time to. Help!

02/08/06 : Did some minor updates. Updated blog links to show on all pages.

14/05/06 : Mp3list updated.

16/04/06 : Place autostart for music to false in blog page.

16/03/06 : Minute changes to me myself and I with some updates.

11/01/06 : Mp3list updated. Me myself and I page updated.

31/12/05 : Minor updates to Me Myself and I. And also Hall of Fame. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

28/12/05 : Mp3list updated.

4/12/05 : Minute updates to Me Myself and I. Mp3list updated. :)

24/10/05 : Site appears to have problems reflecting code changes. Will look into it and rectify soon. New pics are set to appear under my blog, soon!

03/08/05 : Aug soundbyte uploaded. Also send in any questions on cyber security via 'swyswsy' above!

31/07/05 : Tribute to Diesel, uploaded under Reflections/pastlove.

01/07/05 : Jul soundbyte uploaded.

06/06/05 : Mp3list updated. June soundbyte released.

04/05/05 : April soundbyte out.

31/03/05 : March chartlist and soundbyte out.

11/03/05 : Mp3list updated.

07/03/05 : Feb chartlist updated!

24/01/05 : Jan chartlist updated. Free SMS service page updated. Pls take note when sending to M1 recipients.

16/01/05 : Hall of fame updated. Minor cosmetic changes to some pages.

31/12/04 : Last update of the year? Updated my web links to include my friend berdley's pg. Kewl site!

30/12/04 : Sms service reported to be unavailable to M1 users. More details will be given when made available.

11/11/04 : Did some cosmetic upgrades. Mp3 pop up, and javascript changes.

09/11/04 : Updated me myself and I. Updated tonsillec diary.

01/11/04 : Added my tonsillectomy journal. Go under Did you knows, and health matters. Will update each day.

23/09/04 : Chartlist updated. Free smsin to your friends in SG! Under ispy. Page on homosexuality and sexual orientation added, under Did-You-Know

07/07/04 : My blogging has restarted!

05/06/04 : June chartlist is out! And here's June Top 3 songs for your listening pleasure!

11/05/04 : May chartlist is out! mp3 list is also updated. Under chartlist.

01/05/04 : wwtbamsg.com is officially down, till further notice.

01/05/04 : Happy labour day!! Updated weblinks with a new link to my sista's blog. Anyone wants me to add your link, let me know! Also added a new s/w for downloading, at the did you know page. PMS Player. Cool stuff.

26/04/04 : Chartlist till April out. Sorry for the delay!!

04/03/04 : Chartlist till March 1st updated.

11/02/04 : Sorry for the late update. Been very busy and now that I am on MC, I have time finally! Chartlist till Feb updated.

05/01/04 : Chartlist till Jan 1st updated. Weblinks updated. Top 100 on 20-03 coming up!

01/01/04 :Shout out pages modified and archive page created.

07/12/03 : Dec chartlist updated

29/11/03 : Mp3 list updated.

04/11/03 : Nov chartlist released. De-linked archive shout out entries.

06/10/03 : Disabled midi files for some pages. For those affected by the files and hence experience failure to load the page, please do let me know. Or if you violently object to the use of midi files, just feedback please! Thanks.

02/10/03 : My new guestbook is up! View it here !

01/10/03 : Chartlist till Oct 1st up. Original diary page redirected to new php format to support new data entry format. Guestbook currently taken off and in process of upgrading.

21/09/03 : Mp3 list updated. New paragraphing format for my diary. Existing entries till yesterday archived.

04/09/03 : My webcam decided it is time for it to retire. Sheeesh these things don't last more then a year or two, wonder why. So ispy will be down till I get a new one.

02/09/03 : Chartlist released, up to Sept 1st.

03/08/03 : Chartlist released, up to Aug 1st. Mp3 list also updated, all under here!

29/07/03 : In memory of my aunt, I have put up a page, under reflections -> In Loving Memory

28/06/03 : Chartlist till Jul is out. Check it out here!

25/06/03 : Been inserting mid files on some of the pages. Will rotate them whenever I can once in a while. Feedback is always welcomed.

16/06/03 : Email server back up..please visit here for details.

14/06/03 : The site's email server has been having problems. Can't get hold of all your emails but if you did send please be patient, thanks!

01/06/03 : June chartlist uploaded. Incorrect option entries in WWTBAM edited. And updated Hall Of Fame

23/05/03 : Okay so we don't have snippets off the latest songs here anymore. But I have funny audio or visual clips! Just head down to Did You Know, and go right to Download Avenue. If you do have funny clips, do write to me and I will tell you how to get them to me, and we'll share it with everyone here. What do you think? Jumpin Jellybeans?? Let the bytes begin!

22/05/03 : Frustrated with spam mails in your POP account? Try this software, mail washer. I am VERY sure it is a free copy, and you can choose to register if you want. Endorsed by me. Free for download from the Did you know page.

15/05/03 : Due to some kao peh'ing by IFPI, I am no longer able to feature 'hooks' of songs on the chartlist and anywhere else on the site. It was fun doing it and hope you folks enjoyed it while it lasted. No worries though, if you want any of my tracks you can view them from my list accessible from the chartlist page, and/or download them from me. My ICQ number can be found somewhere..on this site..

03/05/03 : Bug in WWTBAM's hall of fame fixed. Sorry guys!!

02/05/03 : The millionaire website is done! Check it out from the wwtbam link above. Have fun and as always, contribute if you are able too! Thanks for the patience everyone! :P UPDATE : It seems I have some problems with the hall of fame entries. Working on it.

25/04/03 : Added a new page under David Blaine's magic, removed dead links. Chartlist updated till May.

13/04/03 : Updated a few pages. Under Did You Know, have placed in info on SARS, and SKin Cleansing. Page on paradoxes updated.Health and sexual FAQ also updated.

11/04/03 : Hey guys good news. I have managed to find a way around the database problem. Basically everything is set. All I need to do now is to do some cosmetic site development and the page will be done! Watch this space for the updates. It will be online VERY soon!

28/03/03 : I have decided not to place the millionaire game back for now. When I have settled the new home for the game, I will place it back online. I will still be writing new questions here and there. If you have contributions, do send them in, I'll give acknowlegements. :P Thanks for understanding guys, and watch this space for the updates.

28/03/03 : I took the millionaire game off today due to unforseen huge traffic that were causing some problems in our intranet. I may reinstate the game later in the day. Also I have increased the number of entries for the hall of fame. I may also decide to move the game to a better and faster server. Will keep you guys updated on that. Anyone wants to help chip in to the cost?

26/03/03 : The chartlist till April is out. Check it out! Cick on the chartlist icon from the top. The hall of fame for wwtbam has been updated as well. Have fun!

09/03/03 : Winners of Sillypore's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire listed in its Hall Of Fame is available here! The HOF is periodically cleared 'once in a while'.

18/02/03 : Hi all, I have updated my mp3 list here! Also the chartlist for the month is out, a tad early yeh I know..check it out here anyway!

17/02/03 : Hey guys! The millionaire game is fixed. I still have some logical bugs to settle with the 50/50 lifeline but do feel free to try it out, and drop by comments if you do have them. Thanks for your patience!

08/02/03 : I have relocated my personal diary to here. Feel free to read, when you need a bed time story. Life's a soap opera! Especially mine.

01/02/03 : I have changed the I-Spy page, framed it up a little and used some alt tabs. Go on, check it out, I placed a few stupid comments so move over the frame itself. But when you are done looking try not to leave the page running hor. It kills my bandwidth, I can choose to cut you off but that aint very nice and I hope I never have to do that :).

29/01/03 : I have put up your comments to my site via SWYSWSY. View them here!

27/01/03 : Feb chartlist is out! Check it out here! Don't forget to vote for the songs you like too!

25/01/03 : INCIDENT REPORT : As of today (sat afternoon), servers across the world are flooded with a MS SQL exploit which resulted in a DOS style effect across the internet. This has reduced in slow traffic and ISPs across the world are working to resolve the issue. Here is a brief report : "Since about midnight EST almost every host on the internet has been receiving a 376 byte UDP payload on port ms-sql-m (1434) from a random infected server. Reports of some hosts receiving 10 per minute or more. internetpulse.net is reporting UUNet and Internap are being hit very hard. This is the cause of major connectivity problems being experienced worldwide. It is believed this worm leverages a vulnerability published in June 2002. Several core routers have taken to blocking port 1434 outright. If you run Microsoft SQL Server, make sure the public internet can't access it. If you manage a gateway, consider dropping UDP packets sent to port 1434." bani adds "This has effectively disabled 5 of the 13 root nameservers."

22/01/03 : I added a search engine utility for you guys. Check it out here!

18/01/03 : Hey guys, as it turns out I need to do more work on the WWTBAM server. Gave tonnes of problems. Sheeesh...bear with me alright I will try and have it back up as soon as I can. Will update soon enough.

08/01/03 : Finally, the top 100 songs of Twenty-o-Two is ready. Click here to view them!

05/01/03 : I had people asking me to answer a question about myself. Well, I have! It's here!!

02/01/03 : Happy new year everyone! May the year be a better one, for everyone! I have inserted web-links, do check them out! Drop me an email if you would like your site linked as well. Remember to link me too!

28/12/02 : This page was created.*duh* December chartlist is out. Poll results updated. Contact me page completed. Merry Christmas everyone! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

25/12/02 : After 425 days, this website is finally launched! *phew* In a few years I will do a new one and it is gonna be very interactive I promise. Meantime, enjoy what I have presented in front of the world and in front of you!

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