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Hall of fame : A special tribute to those who have inspired me

My goodness, it has been 3 years plus since I last looked at this page. Since my poly days, I have gone to work, to NS, back to work and school and here I am back again. It is time to relook at the hall of fame. Some have bumped into my life along the way and inspired me a great deal. Some have disappointed me perhaps and may be dropped off the list. Regardless, there is no better time to revamp this than on this final day of 2005. Here's Mark, wishing everyone a great 20-06 ahead! - 31 Dec 2005

*Takes a deep breath*... here we go!

Ms Shirley Joseph - [Technical Comm Skills] who taught me in Yr 3. Has a real wicked sense of humour. Also one who never fails to make me laugh even on the worst days. Thanks for being so sweet since we first met in 1997 for the Radio Production programme. It is true, the Mark you knew back then has evolved, which is a good thing actually. I'll remember the stuff you taught me and all the help you have rendered to me and my project teams, not forgetting the time and effort as well..a BIG THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart! Let's keep in touch okay?

Ms Utibe - [Technical Comm Skills] who also taught me for a brief period of time in Yr 3 before leaving. Well..ahem…sorry for this but I gotta do it…How do you wash your hair?!?! How long does it take to get it in shape in the mornings?? *L* Thank you, for inspiring me as well, I have your email address, we'll keep in touch!

Mr Roland Yeo - [Technical Comm Skills] The other ½ of the Radio Production training programme pair of facilitators. Mr Yeo's at his funniest when put together with Ms J. The two of them when put together makes the best pair of comedians in the world! Thanks for the countless opportunities, or 'lobangs' if you would prefer it that way, and times when you called me for doing voice overs, emcee vocations..etc You rock my world! Oh no..that sounds like a Michael Jackson title…

Mr Sonny Lim - [The boss of tech comm. Skills!] It has been a long time since you last taught me in 1997. It's so nice to know that you still remember me, in a good way I hope! I have to add, though I will probably not understand all the kind of work you folks put in, but I have to say, I do really appreciate the stuff you guys do. Definitely worth mentioning here. Good job guys!!!

Ms Wong Yoke Moon - [Data Communications & Networking] Hi Ms Wong! I believe you would still remember a fragment of me. I have to say, networking is not an easy subject to teach, but as far as I'm concerned, the coordinators of the subjects have done an extremely good job in presenting the material! Thanks for the time you provided for me through the one semester you taught me. I have this to say, without lecturers like you, things wouldn't be the same for me at all. Perhaps one day I'll come back to teach..the joy of teaching students, seeing them through the course and appreciating all the work done for them is truly impeccable. When students do well, the lecturers do deserve a share of the pie as well. YES YOU DO! I don't care what others say! :o) Keep in touch yeh?

Mr Lee Yew Fai - [Data Communications & Networking] Mr Lee..who once mentioned about almost going blind from peering into the microscope 12 hours a day as an FA engineer at a semiconductor company years back. One of the lecturers who successfully narrows the bridge between students and lecturers, one who helps students understand the material tirelessly. As promised, I have done a set of networking material for my juniors. I hope everyone will be able to benefit from it. "Give to others what others give to you" is one of the ways of life I go by. What we study is pretty fundamental, but you would like to know, a strong foundation is half the battle won. Guess who helped build the foundation too? THANK YOU!

Mdm Sheila - [Care Person, I/O Interfacing] Mdm Sheila….who twice had to open tutorial rooms for me cause I left my personal stuff in there. A great CP who certainly 'accounts' for her students literally, but an all round excellent motivator. Thank you for being there for the past 2 and a half years? Hopefully you won't have troublesome students like me no more.

Dr Teo K.H - Database and Java lecturer during my uni days. One who feels that it isn't so much of doing assignments for the sake of doing but to learn something out of it that is most important. He loves to teach and be among students, believing that he too can learn something from them. Humble, and enthusiastic, he is an asset to the school.

Mdm Arasi - Information Systems Management / Database Design Management lecturer, also during my uni days. She expects a lot from the students in a subtle way, but is very caring and is always ready to share with her students on just about anything. I respect her for her expeience at work and although it does get boring during lessons as they are soft subjects, she tries her best to make it a little more interesting. Lots of things to learn from her I am sure. "Thank you Mdm!".. - as I always say at the end of the day before I leave the class.

I did also meet some really nice friends, some of whom left school earlier then I did (good for them!), the folks of E125, Ah May, Jimmy da ge, Oscarr (Kelly), Sen ge (Vincent) Eddie, and the others, you know who you are! It's also been a great pleasure to meet (in no particular order) Irene,Melvin, HongWei, Hwa ge (though he's younger then me!), Lynn,Fion, Jacinta (may you have a blissful marriage!) and everyone in 2/348, Marcus, Sunil, Leonard and the whole bunch of people in EC07 for the short 1 semester we had together.

I have to mention my secondary school teachers as well. Mr Melvin Pilo. Mdm Lee Kim Huay. Ms Vera Low, Principal Ms Chan Mee Leen, Ms Gay, and the rest. If you do read this, do drop me an email! You have made a difference in my life that's for sure.

Out of school and from the Perfect 10, Daniel Ong my mentor during my stay with Perfect 10 years ago, and was also the one who took me into radio. He has been very patient in teaching me stuff. Certain things have changed over the years but I am still very thankful for everything Dan has done for me.

My work mates, both past and present. Too many to mention so I'll just mention the present ones, like Eric, Irwin, Robert and David...folks who have helped me in many ways. Heeeeeeelo people wassup!

Bruce! Couldn't have put this all together without you, thanks a lot buddy!!

Eric from my domain provider company. Thanks for the assistance all these years. Appreciate it!

And oh yes, not forgetting an important MAN in my life. One whom we would rather not meet in normal circumstances. And that person is…(drum roll please…) my DOC! Dr Daniel Chia. It's been a long time, from my tonsil war days to the time I got bitten by my own dog, you've been there. :o)

There are a couple other important MAN in my life.My buddy Colin. He has since got a very good girl to be with and I am very fortunate to have him as a buddy. Someone who really accepts me for the way I am. I cannot ask for anything more at all. I love ya!

Should I also mention Colin's sister, Pamela, and family? Of course I should! I love those cookies they made!

Trainers from Keppel, Shah who has since left, but has been very generous in everything from the stuff he taught me, till meals and hanging out. Gota catch up soon with this fella. Also Johari who has been a very close friend of mine. Sharing thoughts and all. I take a couple pilates lessons from him when I can still. Congrats on the arrival of your second baby! Last but not least, Sharin the newest to join and former PTI from SAF. Also very generous, very much like the other Shah, and has good training tips. I love this guy. Gone are all the dull momnents!

Adeline A very special friend of mine. Thanks for the chats and time, and your hospitality in Perth.:)s

Jasmine Ho aka Keyi my nu er. It is heartening to see you grow up all these years. I will remember our little pact. You keep track of the date okay? Luv ya still.

The cheesepie family! shiea, Tika, Joscelin and ryo. Where are you all.....?!?!

Can't forget my BMT mates and instructors can I? My buddy Chin Thye Keong who never fails to make me laugh. And cry sometimes. The life of our section I feel. My section, (Plt 1 Sec 1) has the weirdest people in it..but we also have our coy's best PT! To my section mates, namely Max who's good with more things then one. One who seemingly thrives on principles, and anger?! Hmmm...but nonetheless, a good friend still. Also Asraf our agent Y, Cyclopes aka Oakley aka Kancheong spider Ng Kar Wei, 'CSM' Han Wei Kuang who practically swears at anyone and anything but a darn funny fella too! "Warrent Deskar"Lim Yu Meng whom I feel, can never seem to have a temper. Why?!?! How?!?! Faisal the kid who never grows up, and our best PT, 'Dr' Ho Rui Ming! Very proud of this guy, one of the nicest JC guys I have met. Also to OOC personnal Goh Meng Yao, aka "MY GOH". From OETI where I was a perm staff MSG Tay Kian San who was not only an inspiration, but one who also had a temper but yet showed it in a different light. I did tell him how I feel bout it all and how I wonder how someone can be like him after spending 20 years in the army. Very respected soldier to me. 1WO Nicholas Phua Who was my PC both as a trainee and perm staff. He did me a huge favour as a trainee, and that was to fight to permit me to leave earlier to attend my Aunt's wake. It wasn't the organisation's policy cause my aunt is not 'my immediate family'. But he fought and I was very touched. Very knowledgable and a very respected person. Thank you...Sir!

Rach sista Always an inspiration, and thank you for not forsaking me throughout all these years. Thanks for being there during my exams and everything. Thanks for Christmas. Thanks for everything really, though the word thanks can't say it all but I hope you managed to dig down and see how appreciative I am through actions. Time spent with you is never time wasted.

Claypot I suppose he is here cause of the impact he made in my life. Can't deny that. The cheers and tears. We'll leave it as that, and all the best in your future endeavours.

Joey She was with me as a partner the longest yet. Very different from all the other girls and one who truly knows how I am like even though we haven't met in years. She listened to me all these while, though I wish I could have been there for her more. I neglected her, and a lot of other people in the past 2 years. Can't say how sorry I am for that..

And my trainees from OETI, Sebastian, Rohai, and Kenneth by far you guys are the ones I treasured most from my vocation and tour there. I'm glad we got to know each other indeed. It has been an honour. Really.

Not forgetting all my family members who of course deserve more then just being on the hall of fame. No? My dad, mom, lao pa, grandmother, Aunt Ivy, Uncle Jeff, my dog Diesel (who has since left for doggie heaven), my brothers, Ah Yee Lai San, my cousins De Hai and Giselle, the list hardly ends! That's nothing quite like having great kinship with these people!

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