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Ever wondered what the sillyporeans have been saying? Wonder no more! Here's where I'll say what you said! It's raw and it's unedited!

Submitted by : John
Comments : "Interesting chronicle of your life. Typical "Potatoes"
Mark Lee writes : Never denied being a potato. Was a self proclaimed up sized potato too, but it is official now! YES!!!

Submitted by : TJ
Comments : "Did you do this web site all by urself? It is really impressive. Then again you have MSD and CNNA, should be tech enuff. Really very good site lor. Wish I can emulate some of ur cool stuff. Kudos"
Mark Lee writes : Hey dude, thanks for your comments and compliments! Err I don't have an MSD or CNNA, it's MCSE or CCNA. One's a system certification, one's a network certification. I am sure you'll be inspired someday to do something even better then mine. When you do so, let me know, I'll link you!

Submitted by : Daniel
Comments : hello...u so funny n cute...^^"
Mark Lee writes : Hey Dan the man, I'm flattered, geez. Errr no, I'm blushing!! It's TRUE! It's DAMM TRUE...oh no...

Submitted by : buddy
Comments : you did great for charming my ass off with this fabulous webpage...thanks to you now i am missing an anus......its all your fault!
Mark Lee writes : Hey don't blame me for something that happened to your ass..U want mine now? Errr...on second thoughts, I RETRACT that last comment...

Submitted by : kairin
Comments : u're quite a cute guy lei.. hehe... nice photo gallery thing...
Mark Lee writes : Thanks dude. Though I STILL don't know who you are and that is NOT nice at all. :P And WHEN are you going to LINK ME???

Submitted by : Zain
Comments : Interesting pages Ive gone thru. Hoping your networking is going great.
Comment : Hi again Mark. Seen u at your ispy console and just a thought run into my mind. Smile more often! You look very good when you smile and maybe show some teeth. Hope you've ad your snacks. Good nite and be happy.
Mark Lee writes : Hey Zain, thanks for dropping by. You are indeed a true PR of sillypore.com! I hope you do like the site as much as I enjoy dishing it out. Take care buddy. PS : My teeth are scary..ask my dentist..

Submitted by : Kenneth
Comments : Think your site is really good. Managing the rare combination of interesting and informative. Well done, man!
Mark Lee writes : Thanks Kenneth! If you feel I should improve or add something on please do feel free to suggest them kay? Cheers dude.

Submitted by : Charlene Zhang
Comments : Really Interesting website you have here :) Was spying on you for quite a bit haha :) cuz I think you preetty cute
Mark Lee writes : Hey Charlene! The very first female to write in, THANK YOU SWEETIE! Err..drop me an email again sometime please?!?!!?

Submitted by : gary
Comments : vrey nice site
Mark Lee writes : Hey Gary, suppose you meant 'very' instead. Thanks for your comments, good to see you liked what you see. Hope this coming year will be good for you and all! :)

Submitted by : Victoria
Comments : The website is terrific. It gives a good account of you. I like the part of "reflections" for it protrays the passionate and intelligent nature of you. From this, i have got the impression that you are a chap who always strives for self-perfection and you have a very positive approach towards your life. The songs in chartlist are good too. Thanks for sharing so many nice things with us, most of all, including your views on life.
Mark Lee writes : Hi Victoria. Hope you have received my reply in your email. Thanks so much for your comments it was certainly very heartening to read comments like these from my visitors. Thanks people, really appreciate it.

Submitted by : ckhe
Comments : Hi Mark, Chanced upon your website and your insights to life, love, friendship and desired vision are very well thought. Few have such clarity in their personal mastery, like you. You are still a little big boy at heart. Take care and I wish you love : )

Submitted by : Kenneth
Comments : You have something inside to say to someone and, provided its nice, it is always the correct course of action to say it. So tell her, or him. whatever the case may be.
Mark Lee writes : Hey ken. Thanks for your mail and advise. The person already knows. Didn't turn out the way we would have hoped but that's kewl too.

Submitted by : Jared
Comments : Hi dude Are you watch Russell Watson on Star World at SCV now...I love his music..J
Mark Lee writes : Yo dude. Sorry lah got SCV but only for internet haha if I had cable tv i would be on discovery channel since they do not have XXXX oh well...

Submitted by : Adrian Ng
Comments : Hello there, Nice homepage you got here. Very nice and personal : )
Mark Lee writes : Thanks for your kind words. :)

Submitted by : Zain
Comments : Luv it!! The Million dollar game.:) Kewl and Fun! [even the sound effect's good
Mark Lee writes : Glad you enjoyed it dude. Have you reached the million dollar mark yet? If ya have questions, good ones, do contribute yar. :)

Submitted by : James
Comments : Nice site... well lay-out... keep it up!!
Mark Lee writes : Thanks bro!

Submitted by : daniel
Comments : Hi there! Just stumbled across your website while surfing. looking through your pics, just can't help but wonder if your good bud Colin is Colin Yang, my buddy in OCS Tango Wing about two years ago, before he went over to Australia for Air Grading. Please do send him my regards if it's him. if not, you can just ignore this. Cool site, like it lots. Thanks! Daniel
Mark Lee writes : Have replied to ya personally in your email. Hope you saw it..:)

Submitted by : Rach
Comments : Markie Mark boy, it's me, sendin ya a msg frm sch.Whtssup? How's army? Miss ya loads. Tk care bro! *hugs* I still look at the pics tht we took just before I left and laugh.. God bless. I'll see ya soon.
Mark Lee writes : Where are my peek chers?!?!!!

Submitted by : Jeff
Comments : Hi mark, you have a very interesting site... would love to be your friend... BTW you are a damn cute guy! :)
Mark Lee writes : haha..thanks thanks..errr...I have sent ya a reply email already. Later dude!

Submitted by : Leon
Comments : whoa... only few weeks in army wan to act like Lao Jiao liao ahahha its a trend man to fall sick during BMT days cos your body is adjusting to all kinds of illness from your fellow platoon mates... at least thats wat my doctor told me when i first enlist.
Mark Lee writes : No BMT lah wat BMT. Neber say I was in BMT wad. But then again, have you ever wondered? Why must we serve? It is true that the first few weeks will see a lot of people getting sick. I will do a page on NSF matters soon enough. Any comments? Drop me a mail and tell me what I should write on please guys, cheers!

Submitted by : Sun
Comments : hi MArk, just wondering, do u ever know a guy name Sam, from malaysia? nice homepage. :)
Mark Lee writes : Don't recall a Sam off hand from malaysia sorry...thanks for your comments though. :)

Submitted by : Benny
Comments : A very good web sites, can show me on hwo u create this web sites. keep it up pal, u done a good job! :)
Mark Lee writes : I'll help in whatever way I can. I have sent you a reply already.

Submitted by : niki
Comments : i think u r so CUTE! :)
Mark Lee writes : Thanks sweetie...hee hee

Submitted by : Sam
Comments : Nice webbie..Hope to see you naked soon. Any ICQ?
Mark Lee writes : Why wanna seek me? Dun stalk me lah. See me naked? Cannot lah. I'll scare the hell out of ya. Better have dreams then nightmares anyway..so don't ask for trouble! :P

Submitted by : Orange
Comments : Should be: 1) xin xiang shi cheng (instead of xin siang shi chen) 2) bu bu gao sheng (instead of bu bu gao shen) 3) long ma jing shen (instead of long ma jing sen) And I do not get it why you actually wished people "yi lu shun feng" for CNY. I presume you meant "yi fan feng shun" (smooth-sailing). For info, "yi lu shun feng" means bon voyage, boy. Anyway, perhaps I am kinda late in sending you this comment about the hanyu pinyin stuff right now. Hope that everything is well with you. Have a good one. *Holding a glass in my hand and gestures in a sign of toast* Cheerz~
Mark Lee writes : Yeh I think you are right. I used to be damm good with hanyu pinyin but I guess its been a long time since I was last there. Thanks for pointing out anyhow.

Submitted by : waterchild
Comments : hey... need website.. although pic are too small... anyway... nice job... thumbs up... :)

Submitted by : Ginz
Comments : Hey juz a word of encourage for you. Realli good web site you got !! I'm graduating from TP so kinda juz browsing through and stumbled upon ya web page.. Nice job !! Best Wishes.. *GInz*
Mark Lee writes : Thank you! Think you should be done with your exams by now, on your way to grad ceremony. All the best!

Submitted by : Nordmann
Comments : Take care! Don't stress! Follow your heart! =)

Submitted by : trinity_j
Comments : Dear Mark,My GF just broke up with me, we have been together for 1 year. She does not believe I want to commit to her. We are both students at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio USA . She is a 28yr. old from mainland China and working on her Ph.D in quant. psy. She is under alot of pressure from her parents to get married. Could you tell her I love her and want to make things right. Sincerely,Trinity J.
Mark Lee writes : Interesting email, wondered where it came from. But anyhow my dear I think it is something you gotta do yourself. I know nuts about what is happening and I know neither of you. Unless some of the readers here have some comments to make and I will post them up, else..good luck dude!

Submitted by : yoman
Comments : growing up gallery two.... song.....whats the song title and the singer please....life is beautiful?Thanks in advance.....cool site.....excellent job!!
Mark Lee writes : You got the title right, and it is sung by Rai Thistlethwaite I believe.

Submitted by : thu
Comments : i am very much thrilled visiting your page. job well-done. did you design the design template? cool man.

Submitted by : Tan Shao Yi
Comments : Hello, just saw your website from the message you sent through the SMS facility.Very nice page. :) Looks like it is time for me to update mine, it's been a long long time since I updated mine; school, blah blah blah...See you around, nice to hear from someone who was also from TP.

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