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The 2002 Sillypore Music Awards

2002 Sillypore Artiste of the year
Kylie Minogue
def. Christina Aguilera, Shakira and Jenny (J Lo) to capture the award.

2002 Sillypore Song of the year
Dilemma def. The Game of Love, In Your Eyes, Hero, Don't Know Why and The Ketchup Song to capture the award.

2002 Sillypore Group of the year
Blue captured the award with songs like Best In Me, All Rise, If You Come Back, Fly By, and their latest
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

2002 Sillypore Most Buay Tah Han (irritating) song of the year
Trickdaddy wins the damm award!

2002 Sillypore Most Outstanding song of the year
Love United def. All Star Tribute on a narrow margin to win the award.

2002 Sillypore Most Memorable songs of the year
Wallflowers - One Headlight, E17 - Each Time, The Jets - Make It Real, Bon Jovi - It's My Life, Michael Crawford - Music Of The Night, Shawn Stockman - Visions Of A Sunset, Savage Garden - Universe, The Verve - Freshman.

2002 Sillypore Medieval songs of the year
Robertson Brothers - Send A Message, Desíree & Babyface - Fire, DJ Spiller - Groovejet, Dido - Here With Me, Bon Jovi - Say It Isn't So, Fun Factory - I Love You, M2M - Pretty Boy, Expose - When I Look At Him, 4 Non Blondes - What's Going On, Eminem - Stan

The 2002 Sillypore Global Music Championship

Sillypore Undisputed Championship
Diana Krall def U2's Elevation and Stuck In A Moment to become the NEW sillypore undisputed champion. Jazz beats rock in this category?

Sillypore Intercontinental Championship
Kylie Minogue def. Vitamin C to become the NEW sillypore intercontinental champion.

Sillypore Asian Championship
Urban Xchange def. Faye Wong, Too Phat and Sheikh Haikel to become the FIRST sillypore Asian Champion.

Sillypore Women's Championship
Madonna def. Kylie Minogue and Kelly Rowland to retain the Women's championship title.

Sillypore Group/Band Championship
Blue def. Westlife, TLC and Plus One to become the FIRST Sillypore Group Championship.

2002 Sillypore Undisputed Champion : Diana Krall
2001 Sillypore Undisputed Champion : U2

2002 Sillypore Intercontinental Champion : Kylie Minogue
2001 Sillypore Intercontinental Champion : Vitamin C

2002 Sillypore Asian Champion : Urban Xchange
2001 Sillypore Asian Champion : *** Title currently vacant ***

2002 Sillypore Women's Champion : Madonna
2001 Sillypore Women's Champion : Madonna

2002 Sillypore Group/Band Champion : Blue
2001 Sillypore Group/Band Champion : *** Title currently vacant ***