You are walking down the street and casually pick any spectator.

You ask them to come with you to a nearby car and pick a dead fly off the windscreen.

You hold it in your hand do a few passes with the other hand and appear to be really concentrating and the fly slowly comes back to life to the surprise of the spectator.

Freeze the fly

You need to catch a fly and freeze it which puts it in a temporary coma, this can be done by swatting the fly hard enough to immobilize it then placing it in a small container in the freezer.

The fly then needs to be quickly taken to a suitable windscreen IN THE SHADE and placed there.

It is important that the car is in the shade to prevent the fly from defrosting too quickly.

Then go and find a spectator and take them back to the car which should appear to be randomly picked.

The heat of your hand will revive the fly which should soon start to move.

A lot of this trick is in the actions of you reviving the fly.

It may be necessary to practice how long it takes for the fly to revive itself.

Freezing the fly with dry ice or even one of these aerosol canned air products for cleaning computers is a better way of freezing the fly as it is quicker and causes less damage to the fly.



Ash from a cigarette rubbed into your palm mysteriously travels to the spectator's. This trick is an excellent quickie in a bar or restaurant where people are smoking.

Secret Preparation:
Before you begin, get a little ash on your right middle finger. This is easily done in the act of picking up and ash tray and moving it to your table or under some other ploy.

Step 1 :

Ask someone to hold out their hand palm down, demonstrate what you mean. When the person does this, grasp their hands (your thumbs on top and fingers below) momentarily while you say, "no just a little farther out, please." In the process of doing this, your right middle finger places the ash mark on the spectator's left palm, which they can't see because their hand is palm down. Be sure to release their hands quickly. If this is done casual, off hand manner - the spectator will never remember you touched their hand.

Step 2 :

What comes next is the most important part of the trick. It's where you build this simple little stunt into a miracle class. Tell the person to close their left fist and keep it closed tight. Next take a cigarette and tap a little ash onto your own left palms. Say "watch." Slowly, rub the ash into your palm. Ask them if they can see it. Keep rubbing until it's gone. "The ash is no longer here, but it's not gone. Would you open your hand please?" The person does and there on the center of their palm is the ash mark.


A name is written on a piece of paper on a notepad by the spectator , the paper is torn off unseen by the magician, crumpled up and placed in an ashtray.

It is then set alight.

The ashes are then rubbed on the magicians arm and the name of the person written on the paper mysteriously appears.


You will need a small notepad , pen , ashtray , lighter and a small piece of soap or wax.


The spectator is asked to write the name of a person or favorite anything of theirs on a notepad.

Then too tear of the sheet of notepaper , crumple it up and place it in the ashtray, where the magician then sets the paper alight.

The magician takes the notepad of the spectator and should be able to see the imprint of the name written on the paper above in the next sheet of the notepad.

Looking at the pad should not be made obvious and some misdirection carried out while he carefully takes the small piece of wax or soap and writes the name on the imprint on his arm or hand (this will not be visible to anyone ).

The magician can then take some ash from the ashtray and rub it over the wax where it will stick and create an impression of the spectators word to their amazement.

This is a great trick but depends on the magician creating an atmosphere with an entertaining routine and patter about black magic to enhance the effect and create misdirection to allow him time to pull off the trick.